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Janitorial Equipment Sales & Service
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New and Used Janitorial Equipment Supplier in San Antonio, Texas

Floor cleaning equipment in San Antonio, Texas

Helping You Get the Job Done

Offering cleaning services to homeowners, property managers and businesses requires the right tools and products. However, purchasing these supplies at a big box store can be very expensive. That’s why Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc. is passionate about providing you with the right products, equipment and supplies you need at affordable prices. With our years of experience and our vast selection of products, you will be able to keep any space spotless.

Supplies for Commercial Properties

Since 1955, our family-owned and -operated business has taken care of a variety of cleaning services and business owners. We provide equipment and supplies that are appropriate for cleaning any size of commercial space including hotels, restaurants, banks, apartments, retail locations, business complexes, educational facilities and even hospitals and other health offices.

Janitorial Equipment Sales

Have you ever tried to clean the floor without the proper products? What about removing tenacious stains and debris from the walls? Workplaces often accumulate gunk and grime that are more difficult to address than at home. That’s why you should speak with the professionals at Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc.
We will help you navigate your options and find the right cleaners, tools and solutions for the specific mess that you face. End the hassle of using the wrong product; let Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc. partner with you as a reliable provider of high-quality cleaning supplies and expertise.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Products

New Equipment

We offer new, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment for sale including tile and carpet machines, chemical-free washers, vacuums and walk-behind riders. Whether you need to address interior or exterior surfaces, we have what you need.

Used Equipment

Used equipment can often be less expensive than purchasing a new machine. Our used equipment has been refurbished and repaired as necessary and is sold when stock is available. Our inventory may include concrete machines, floor scrubbers and more.

Spare Parts

Finding replacement parts for the cleaning equipment you use every day can be difficult; however, we stock the brushes, pads and replacement components you need to keep your machines up and running whenever you need them most.

Janitorial Supplies

We offer quality commercial cleaning supplies such as paper products, trash bags, chemicals, dust bins, warning signs, mop ends and more. Ensure that you are ready for any cleaning emergency.


We provide a comprehensive selection of cleaning solutions including odor eliminators, soaps, detergents, bleaches, solvent and more. At Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc., we offer environmentally friendly products as well.

Easy and Effective Cleaning

At Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc., we provide professional equipment which means an easier process for you and less time will be needed to get the job done.

Supplying Everything You Need

Whether you need to maintain your bathroom, wash your windows, vacuum, mop or pick up the trash, know that our products will get the job done. You can trust Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc.
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Not sure what to do with that dirty floor, window or bathroom? Give us a call. We have a dedicated janitorial team ready to teach you about the latest techniques and devices that can make homes and businesses healthy, hygienic and inviting.