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Improve the Safety of Your Facility With Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Safety is a major focus for any business. Cleanliness is often the first step. Keeping your facility well maintained, clean, and free of clutter will reduce your risk of accidents - and an accident-free workplace is a happy workplace. Learn why commercial floor cleaning is important for the safety of your business.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can Cost Thousands

There's a reason why many businesses are worried about slip-and-fall accidents. The average cost of a slip-and-fall lawsuit is $50,000, and tens of thousands of people slip and fall every day. These aren't just staged accidents; slipping and falling is one of the most common types of injury.
People may not always look where they're going in your facility, which means that they may not notice a hazard on the ground. If your employees slip and fall, they will need to file for workers' compensation. If a customer or business vendor falls, they may have a claim against your company.
This is especially true if their lawyer can prove that your company has been negligent. Negligence, such as having a dirty floor surface, could make it more likely that your company will be considered liable for an injury. You can avoid this by keeping a clean floor. 

Carpet Cleaning Removes Set-In Grime and Packed-In Dirt

Depending on how heavily trafficked your facility is, dirt and grime could be building up. Slippery liquids such as oil can stain a surface and remove traction, increasing the chances that employees, customers, or vendors could slip. Caked-on grime can elevate the floor's surface, creating a natural tripping hazard that is also not solid enough to stand on.
This type of dirt naturally builds up over time. You can't do anything to prevent it - you just need to clean it regularly when you can. A scheduled cleaning will clear off the dirt and improve your floor's traction.
Just having employees clean the floors during or after work isn't effective. Traditional wet mop techniques often move dirt around rather than actually removing it. This will only make the surface of the floor more dangerous. If the floor is cleaned while work is being done or while customers are around, the cleaning itself could cause a hazard.
Commercial floor cleaners are able to strip the floor all the way down, removing all of the dirt without the residue a mop would leave behind. Not only does this improve the safety of the surface, but it also improves its attractiveness.

Carpet Cleaning Ensures That the Area Is Free of Clutter

A commercial floor cleaning also has an excellent side effect: it ensures sure that the area is free of clutter. Employees must clear the floor before it can be cleaned, which removes many of the traditional tripping hazards. By integrating this into a schedule and ensuring that employees are aware of the business processes, you can ensure that the floors are cleared of clutter on a regular basis.
Clutter can build up during a workday, with employees leaving behind cords, equipment, and supplies. These items then becoming tripping hazards, and they will likely remain there until an employee cleans up. Not only is this a danger, but it's also harmful to productivity. Employees won't be able to find things they need easily if they're all out on the floor!
A commercial floor cleaning will create a clean, non-slip surface for both your employees and your customers. If you want to reduce your risk of slip-and-fall accidents - and create a more productive, healthy workplace overall - schedule a regular commercial floor cleaning. For more information, contact the floor-cleaning experts at Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc.