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Green Cleaning? Chemical Vs. Natural Cleaners

Keeping your office clean is a top priority for you. A clean business space can reduce the risk of illness for your employees, increase productivity, and even reduce stress. But does the need for a clean work setting also mean that you need to pollute the air (and work surfaces) with potentially dangerous chemicals?
Even though chemical cleaners can sanitize and disinfect surfaces, reducing the likelihood of spreading illness-causing bacteria and viruses, they can also cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, respiratory issues, and other health problems.
If you want a clean commercial space but want to avoid harsh chemicals, green cleaning is an alternative that works. Before you switch from one type of cleaning method to another, take a look at the world of chemical and green cleaners.

Chemical Products

The concept of a "chemical" cleaner is a general one that involves multiple ingredients in different quantities and for different uses. While chemical cleaners certainly do the job they're made for, they also come with plenty of possible risks.
Keep in mind that some chemical cleaning products pose very little risk to healthy individuals. But that doesn't mean some cleaners don't include ingredients that are a cause for concern.
Yes, the world of chemical cleaning products is a confusing one. Some keep you (and those around you) healthy by ridding your space of disease-causing germs. But others release toxins that can actually make you sick. Certain chemicals give off fumes that can cause anything from a cough to asthma, and some may even contain carcinogens.
If you have concerns about the chemicals that you're using, it may be time to switch to a less toxic, greener version of clean.

Safer Choice Products

You may have concerns about the cleaning products your company currently uses. Even though some chemical cleaners may not harm you, or your staff, others may have risks. Here's where Safer Choice products come into play. While these aren't completely natural, they do pose a reduced health risk and are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
There are currently over 2,000 products on the EPA's Safer Choice list, which means that there are plenty of options to keep your business space clean without putting employees at risk.
Keep in mind, these are still chemical-based cleaners and not chemical-free products. The difference between these cleaners and the harsher, illness-inducing ones is that they have met strict standards for human and environmental safety.
The EPA's Safer Choice ingredient list now includes more than 750 chemicals. Even though these are chemicals, they are considered less toxic than what you'd find in standard, traditional cleaning products.

Natural Products

This category of cleaners includes products that have limited to no toxicity and little to no impact on the environment. You may see more than a few "natural" cleaning product DIY tutorials online. These typically include the combination of regular household items that you probably have in your kitchen, such as lemon juice, baking soda, or vinegar.
When choosing ingredients such as lemon juice or vinegar to clean your space, it's important to understand the distinction between cleaning and disinfection.
Cleaning a solid surface involves wiping away dirt, debris, and any microorganisms that you happen to catch. The natural agent typically won't kill the germs on your surfaces as well. Disinfecting includes the use of chemicals to kill the germs but may not get rid of the dirt and grime that's left behind.
While completely natural products can make your business look cleaner, get rid of the debris that builds up on solid surfaces, and help your space to sparkle, you may need something stronger to take care of disinfecting or sanitization needs.
Do you want to start cleaning green? Wick Floor Machine, Inc. can help.