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Allow Pets in the Office? You Need Regular Janitorial Service

The benefits of bringing a pet to an office is becoming clearer every year. From calmer employees to better attendance, having pets in the office clearly helps employees get through the day. And it can't be overstated just how important it is for a company to have happy employees who show up for work.
But those pets also bring additional problems, chief among them allergies and mess. Pets can also damage office furniture and flooring. In companies where building management takes care of janitorial issues, the issues brought by pets might not be such a big deal. But if your company is in charge of its own cleaning duties, the addition of pets can be a real problem.
While the employees who bring pets need to step up and help remove messes, it's best if you make the leap to hire a professional janitorial service to clean the office regularly.

Employee Care Goes Only So Far

Any employee bringing a pet has to take responsibility for it, and that includes having insurance that will cover pet damage, cleaning pet hair off furniture, and cleaning up food and cat litter spills. But the employee can do only so much given that he or she also has to concentrate on work.
Employee might also miss something. Maybe some food spilled and the employee didn't see a few bits of kibble tumble under a chair. This is where the janitors come in. Janitors have the time and experience needed to thoroughly clean your office spaces.
Professional cleaners are also better at removing stains. Your employees might have gotten most of the mess out, but for that final stain annihilation, you need a janitorial company.

Those Extra Eyes Keep Your Office in Good Shape

When you have janitors coming in every week or every few days, you get an extra set of eyes - not to mention professional cleaning equipment. Instead of having just the employees sweep things up with a lint brush, you get an industrial vacuum and a second or third pass at the area in question.
While your employees try to concentrate on work, janitors can:
  • Vacuum and sweep up leftover pet hair and dander
  • Remove stains from carpets and floors that employees couldn't quite clean up
  • Wash away snout marks from windows (from curious dogs and cats) that employees didn't see
  • Pick up dropped and forgotten food and chewed bits of toys that employees missed
These tasks may not seem like such a big deal to you, but they will to customers and potential partners who visit the company.
Leftover pet hair and dander can aggravate allergies and a condition called vasomotor rhinitis (this is a non-allergic condition in which your sinuses become irritated by something, resulting in allergy-like symptoms). So you want to ensure you clean properly to avoid promoting allergic reactions.
And before you say that customers with severe allergies shouldn't be in your office, that's not what you really want. You want there to be areas where people with allergies can be safe so that you don't lose customers or employees.

Cleaning Keeps Your Office Professional

Random bits of toys and old food make your office look unprofessional, even to other workers who have pets. Employees and customers generally expect that offices will look clean and neat. So while it may be understandable why there's a clump of cat hair on the back of your chair, it still gives a visitor a certain impression of your office. And it's likely not a good one.
A pet-friendly office that allows pet hairs and other messes to build up looks like management does not have the office environment under control. Customers and partners pick up on this impression, and that can affect your future business success.
Contact Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc., for more information about commercial cleaning services. You want your office to be as clean as possible, and our professional service can accomplish that for you.