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5 Essential Tips For Protecting Your Business's Wooden Floors

Wooden Floor

Wooden floors are beautiful and add a touch of charm and class to any business establishment. However, wooden floors require special care to keep them looking spectacular, as they can quickly diminish in appearance if neglected.

The use of wooden floors in a commercial setting is particularly challenging, as many of the precautions that are used in a home aren't practical for a business environment. The good news is there are things you can do as a business owner or manager to prevent your establishment's wooden floors from losing their luster. Below are five tips that can help.

Make Use of Door Mats

One of the most important things you can do to protect your wooden floors is use doormats at all entrances. Much of the damage that affects wooden floors, particularly in high-traffic locations, begins at the entrance.
Grains of sand and other tiny bits of hard debris can wreak havoc on the relatively soft wood planks. Foot traffic will grind these substances into the floor which, in turn, sands the floor down and creates tiny divots.
A floor mat, especially one designed for commercial traffic, is an essential safeguard against this type of destruction. It will capture materials from shoes as well as wind-blown particles and hold them safely in place until they are removed.

Place Rugs and Runners as Needed

Another essential for protecting your wooden floors is to place area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas. The constant pounding of uncushioned shoes will harm the wooden by stripping away finishes and introducing scrapes.

Area rugs and runners also serve double duty by beautifying, so be sure to carefully select colors and patterns that match the overall aesthetics of your business. Don't forget to fasten rugs and runners with a wooden floor-safe carpet tape or other appropriate means.

Perform Regular Cleaning Duties Promptly and Properly

Regular cleaning is another essential for saving your floors from a premature demise. However, it is just as important you clean correctly; otherwise, the "cure" may be worse than the "sickness."

As such, be sure to sweep on a regular basis to remove small particles that act as abrasives. If you use a vacuum cleaner, avoid using a machine with a beater-brush; instead, opt for a long-handled attachment that simply suctions.

Mopping is also essential, but keep in mind the cardinal rule of wooden floor cleaning is never to use water. Instead, use only an approved, commercial formula that won't cause swelling when applied.

Guard Your Floors Against Furniture

Another threat to the wellbeing of wooden floors is furniture. Commercial furniture can be particularly harsh on wooden floors due to its weight and the likelihood of it being moved. That is why you should take extra care to prevent furniture from putting dings and dents into the wood.

To prevent furniture-induced damage to your wooden floors, you will need to use furniture pads or carpet snippets to place between chair and table legs. Also, always place chair mats underneath to prevent the rollers from office chairs from causing scuffs and scrapes.

Block Sunlight from Shining on Floors

It may be surprising to you that the sun is another source of trouble when it comes to wooden floors. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight won't damage the structure of the floors, but it can cause the color to change. Dark woods may lighten, and light woods may become darker, depending on the particular tree species used.

Of course, protecting the floor from sunlight is a matter of selecting and using the proper window treatments. Blinds, curtains, and shades are all reasonable alternatives, so choose whatever works best for you and don't forget to close them when the sun rays are bearing down on your wooden floors.

If you have questions about taking care of your wooden floors, be sure to contact Wick Floor Machine Company for help. They have over fifty years of experience in caring for wooden floors and can help you make decisions about what is best for your particular surfaces.