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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Retail Floors Cleaner

When new customers step through the front doors of your business, you either have the chance to make a great first impression or tarnish that first exposure by showing them a messy space. Research has shown that 42% of people look at the floors of a business to determine its cleanliness, which is why you should take floor care seriously. This guide lists three easy ways to keep your retail floors cleaner. 

1. Install Dirt-Trapping Rugs in Lobbies

The majority of the dirt that ends up on the floor of your business hitchhikes on your customers' shoes as they come in from outside, so take area rug placement very seriously. In addition to placing welcome mats outside of entrances and exits, consider adding dirt-trapping area rugs in lobbies.

While several varieties of dirt-trapping rugs are available, versions made with microfiber cloth are especially effective, since they contain tiny fibers proven to attract dirt on a microscopic level. As static builds naturally on microfiber surfaces, dirt particles are sucked inwards into the fabric, cleaning surfaces like the soles of shoes.

When you shop for rugs, look for versions that are easy to wash and dry, so that your business can stay looking clean and crisp at all times. Also, consider the size of your rugs in relation to your entryway, and remember that larger versions may clean shoes more effectively.

2. Conduct Hourly Floor Checks

Preventing floor messes in the first place is important, but you can't ever predict when a child might have an accident or an adult might sneak food into your business. Fortunately, by inspecting the floors frequently, you can spot problems early and address them proactively.

To keep your floors immaculate, consider creating an hourly floor check schedule for your employees. In addition to walking the entire floor each hour to check for spills, consider keeping cleaning products on hand in convenient places, so that workers can tackle messes quickly and easily.

Although it might seem like a waste of labor to ask your employees to focus so much energy on the cleanliness of your floors, keeping your hardwood, linoleum, or tile clean could help prevent a costly slip and fall incident, saving you money in the long run. As you clean the floors of your business, keep a log of who checked the floor and when so that you have proof of care in case anything happens.

3. Wax Your Floors Regularly

To make your store look truly polished, consider having your floors stripped and waxed regularly. During stripping, floor cleaners use special products to strip away the layers of wax until the bare vinyl is visible. Next, multiple coats of fresh wax are added to the floor, protecting the surface and making your flooring look glossy and pristine.

In addition to creating a smooth, even appearance, floor waxing is also an important safety procedure, since glossy floors grip better to traditional rubber-soled shoes, preventing falls. Floor wax also prevents scuffs and scratches on floors, helping business owners protect their flooring investment.

Although the frequency of floor stripping and waxing depends on the foot traffic your business gets, most companies could benefit from having their floors stripped and re-waxed every 4-6 months.

To make your business even more appealing to customers, invest in your own floor cleaning products so you can spruce up your floors whenever you need to. At Wick Floor Machine Co., Inc., we carry all of the best floor cleaning equipment, ranging from cleaning systems and brushes to floor chemicals and replacement parts. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.